Executive Team

Adel Khreich
Executive Director / Global CEO

Adel Khreich

Adel founded blueVisions in 2001 and the Australian based Institute of Management in 2007 with a vision to work with a trusted, senior team to deliver exceptional results for every client. Today that vision underpins the company's exceptional performance for an elite client list. Adel's leadership has brought blueVisions and Institute of Management's success to other regions outside of Australia including South East Asia particularly Indonesia and the Middle East particularly the UAE. With over 33 years of experience and a Past President of the NSW Chapter of the Australian Institute of Project Management, Adel is an Industry Leader and who is also a recognised expert Facilitator, Trainer, Management Consultant in Project & Contract Management. Adel also has significant experience providing expert witness testimony in cases of dispute resolution. Adel has worked extensively over the past 33 years with both the public and private sectors on investments worth up to $9 billion individually. As the Global CEO of the company Adel oversees all the roles that team members undertake and ensures that they are providing an exceptional level of service to the client at every time.

Michael Downing
Managing Director - Project Services Australia

Michael Downing

Michael Downing has over 30 year' Industry experience in the Private and Public Sector including some of the largest mining and infrastructure construction companies such as AECOM, SNC Lavalin WSP, Worley Parsons and large government departments such as Transport for New South Wales. His technical expertise ranges from Portfolio, Program and Project Management and Controls where he always creates a culture of delivery focused teams, working toward common standards and procedures. His success was attributed to the 'can do' approach of his teams and their willingness to embrace the very high professional standards and expectations of clients. As the Managing Director of Project Services, Michael has functional responsibility for project services and project controls personnel positioned within the project teams, ensuring the teams are appropriately and competently resourced and that management systems and controls are in place across all projects. As a business unit leader, his diverse experience and strong drive in business development strengthens blueVisions winning strategy for major projects within shorter lead times.

Paolo Botteon
Director Corporate and Innovations

Paolo BotteonPaolo's experience spans three decades across industries including Construction, IT, Defence and Power. He brings a business approach to all aspects of his work using best practice techniques including change control, integrated KPIs and cash flow, ongoing assessment of risk and contractual exposure, and streamlined workflow management. Paolo has expertise in mentoring and building teams and has a continuous improvement ethic whereby he identifies efficiency and workflow bottlenecks and addresses them collaboratively. Paolo's detailed approach in every aspect of his work has assisted blueVisions in improving internal systems and processes. His innovative ideas have also benefited the company and some of our biggest client projects greatly in that they have resulted in the development of new systems and tools that enables greater efficiency and ease of use.

Afifa Loutfie
Director Global Operations

Afifa Loutfie

Afifa has over 11 years of experience working across several continents and is highly experienced in operations management and management consulting as well as a professional training facilitator with experience across various industries in the public and private sector in South East Asia (Indonesia and Singapore), Australia and the UAE (Abu Dhabi and Dubai). Afifa also possesses excellent business analytical skills as well as contract management, change management, marketing, corporate communication, government and client relationship management skills. Together with the Executives and Senior Management Team, she has brought blueVisions and Institute of Management towards greater efficiency and manage organisational issues, such as team management, business strategy and planning, as well as development and implementation of internal tools, systems and procedures. Afifa plays a key role in bringing together the different entities and locations under the blueVisions group to work and grow together as a global team and ensuring that they follow the agreed strategies and processes within set timelines for internal and external projects.

Michael Chachaty
Director - Business & Strategy, Institute of Management

Michael Chachaty

Michael Chachaty joined blueVisions in 2001 some 19 years ago and has since managed major projects and grew and lead the Institute of Management to achieve the success that it has reached today. As a Director of the Institute of Management, Michael oversees all areas of its business from winning long term, major training contracts with large Government departments to ensuring quality delivery is provided by each of the team member. Michael has 19 years' experience providing project management consulting and training services. This includes project management maturity assessments, capability building initiatives, process development and delivery of large scale technical and business projects for both Government and private sector clients, as well as Rail, Infrastructure, Construction and Telecommunication. Michael is an experienced facilitator, assisting clients in developing best practice methodologies, processes and systems tailored to meet strategic and organisational needs at a portfolio, program and project level.

Rowan Dickson
Managing Director - Middle East

Rowan Dickson

Rowan has a career spanning more than 25 years covering a broad spectrum of roles in Australia, SE Asia and the Middle East. Rowan has worked with top tier international contractors and consultancy firms delivering large scale projects across retail, residential, hospitality and mixed-use sectors. Rowan has been based in the UAE for the past 12 years, Rowan has led many successful projects for blue chip clients within the ME region. Rowan has an established network of clients and is continually forming new relationships underpinning the growth of the Property and Services business in the Middle East. Rowan's exceptional leadership and management skills have enabled the UAE team to achieve exponential growth in the past few years not just for blueVisions services but also Institute of Management training business. Rowan also possesses strong networking skills that are now allowing blueVisions services to be introduced to other parts of the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Bill Sinclair
Senior Executive - Project Services - Indonesia

Bill SinclairBill Sinclair is the Project Services Director for Indonesia, is fluent in the local language and has over 40 years' experience with International Engineering Consulting firms and EPC construction companies in the Asia Pacific Region. Bill has a master's degrees in Civil Engineering as well as in Economics & Finance and is an experienced Civil & Structural Engineer as well as a Project Manager. His experience includes Road and Rail Transportation, Hydro Power, Geothermal Power, Thermal Power, Mining & Metallurgy, Oil & Gas storage facilities as well as the design and construction of Multi-storey buildings. Bill has a demonstrated track record in Asia Pacific in several different roles including Engineering Manager, Project Manager, Project Director, Owner's Engineer and Company Director. Bill's specialised skill for a foreign company based in Indonesia includes his long track record in delivering major projects in Indonesia whereby he has gained a deep understanding on the local processes and ensuring high quality work whilst maintaining good relationship with local clients as well as developing strong relationship with other foreign companies to partner with in order to secure more opportunities in the region's largest infrastructure projects.

Tasia Hutama
Director Project Controls

Tasia Hutama

Tasia has over 25 years industry experience of which 19 years has been with blueVisions. Tasia is a specialist in project planning and controls on a wide range of projects in the rail, construction, infrastructure, utilities and commercial industries. She has a strong technical knowledge of Primavera P6, 4D Planning and has excellent communication skills. She is highly skilled in time management, development of high-level strategies for project implementation, detailed development and analysis of project schedules and development of master schedules with close monitoring and reporting of progress to all levels of management.

Philip Duffy
Director Infrastructure

Phillip Duffy

Phil has over 20 years' experience in infrastructure projects specialising in program and project management with extensive leadership experience. Phil has led roads and highways businesses in NSW assisting clients to establish PMO's and deliver their programs and projects. Phil is a highly skilled Advisor on PMO establishment, project controls, governance, reporting and commercial functions. Phil's leadership achievements include playing leading and establishing strong team culture based on trust, inclusiveness and performance.


"..your quiet determination and purposeful approach added significantly to our end result. Please accept my sincere thanks for your contribution."

Austin R Bryan Director 3G Products & Services Hutchison Telecommunications

"blueVisions' leadership inspired confidence across the team and their approach to 2nd round tenders saved Qantas one month on the project and significant cost."

Joy Fuller Qantas

"blueVisions provided consistent leadership and direction. Their attention to detail was most noticeable. All activities were well thought out and well executed; they were always two steps ahead"

Robert Long Qantas Development Manager

"blueVisions consultant's vast knowledge of project management, variations, EOT`s and extras have been a big help especially to me. Her role between Cercol Construction and the Education Training Department is also very impressive, by actively chasing information and require explanations for all Variations. This makes my role easy!"

Mark Bennett ETD/SCW

"Management has been easy to get along with and has always had the interest of the client at heart."

Aldo Cantori Project Director of Leighton Contractors

"I had the pleasure of listening to Dominic Siow's presentation on the topic of Emotional Intelligence at the recent Risk Leadership in Complex Project Management Convention in Sydney. This presentation, delivered at the end of the conference was, I felt, the 'icing on the cake'. Dominic's dynamic and engaging style held the audience captive; his message of Emotional Intelligence being key to one's success is a powerful one which all should heed."

Ed Blow Managing Director of Nielsen - Wurster Asia Pacific Pty Ltd

"Across the services I have been extremely pleased with the performance of blueVisions. Their professionalism and dedication has been above and beyond the expectations of Hutchison. Through organisational, project specific reviews and specific project management training provided by blueVisions, improvement to overall project management practices has been achieved and follow on project improvements have been realised."

Malcolm McKenzie Manager of Project Delivery Hutchison Telecoms

"blueVisions has provided excellent service in a cooperative manner."

Kevin Hays Senior Project Manager RTA